Xtenex X300 Laces

Xtenex X300 Laces


Actively Worn by Olympic, Professional and Amateur Athletes.

X-Series features Round Self-Forming, FLARED Knots, optimally designed to block-in a semi-permanent, no-tie fitting. A Must For Triathletes.
Accu-Fit Compression Laces ergonomically tailor fit footwear to your feet by moving the adjustable compression knot (indexes) through each eyelet, select the compression knot index* that offers you the best support, comfort and fit, then release to set, repeat the fitting process at each eyelet to customize an ergonomic footwear supporting fit.

To lace and adjust X-Series:

Stretch the lace apart in opposing directions (this reduces the knot diameter size) thread the stretched portion through the eyelet, select the desired compression index* (number of knots set between eyelets) then release to set.

*Compression Index (number of knots set between eyelets)

     - Less knots between eyelets = Tightens fit.
     - More knots between eyelets = Loosens fit.

Available in 20 in / 50 cm - childrens/small womens, 30 in / 75 cm - most popular size, 40 in / 101 cm - military, boots, skate shoes